About Zoe

I'm a New Zealand artist based most recently in the Middle East and before that East Africa, where I taught art at Bingham Academy Addis Ababa, but living mainly in New Zealand at the moment.
Recently I made a trip to several countries in East Africa, as a regional arts specialist for SIM International, networking and looking for potential opportunities to show people how they can use the arts for reaching out to at-risk youth. As a result, in 2018 I organised an art residency in Nairobi for a dozen artists (local and overseas) to fullfil this, and again in 2019. We made art works in a studio, and spent time in slum areas and in care homes for street kids.

At home here in New Zealand I'm working on a new series of paintings for an exhibit in Dunedin.


© Zoe Cromwell

A System for Contemplating Water, Mixed media on canvas. (Private collection)